"Discover A Way To Get
Luxury Resort Properties WITHOUT The
Large Upfront Expense
Of Timeshare Or Travel Clubs !!"

...If you have seen a travel club or timeshare presentatiion and didn't purchase
because of the large upfront investment.....you will be amazed by this!!

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Dear Fellow Traveler,

Welcome to the world of Premier Resorts where you can stay at the same luxury properties that timeshare and travel club owners do without having to bleed out your wallet because...

We had a "Brain Storm"

We decided to "bypass" our retail distributors and offer our membership directly to the public. By doing so, we could eliminate all the mark up that the distributors have to put in the membership price.
They're not being greedy... they just can't help it.

Retailers have huge overhead

A retail distributor has to contend with marketing costs that exceed $300 per couple that come in for a presentation. It takes 4 to 5 couples to gain one sale. So 5 couples times $300 per couple equals $1500 in marketing cost per sale. In addition, they have about 25% in sales commissions they have to pay out to their sales staff and management team. With a $4,000-$5000 averarge sale, that means they are paying out $1000-$1250 just in sales commissions.

It goes on with product costs, office rent, admin staff cost, monthly utilities etc...

This is huge savings...

We are able to offer to offer you the same Luxury Resort access of people that purchased $5000-$7000 travel club memberships or $12,000-$35,000 timeshares enjoy for pennies on the dollar of what they paid!!!

All because of this wonderful little thing called "the internet".

Watch below to hear what our members Gary and Linda Elvie have to say!

Here are a few examples:

Soak in the Sun and Luxury of Mexico

One Thousand Feet of Pools on the beautiful Riviera. Kayak, Snorkel, Scuba,
Tennis and Championship Golf await you in Mexico.

Check out this beautiful luxury resort available right now in our HOT WEEKS for only $299.00!!
This is the total cost for the entire week for Premier Resorts Travel Club Members.
Bring your whole family (4 adults & 2 children) and enjoy your 2 Bedroom Suite in paradise
for 7 incredible Mexican nights.

Premier Members Save a up to $1709.00 for just one week!

Travelocity: Orbitz Hotels.com Premier Resorts Member Price
$2,107.00.00 $1,150.00 $840.00 Only $299!

Or how about this one...

Maui, Hawaii

How about 7 Days of Relaxation, Sun, Snorkel and Island Adventure! This comfortable, spacious 1 Bedroom Condo, The Maui Banyan commands $175 to $180 Per Night if you can even find it!

Premier Resorts Member Price: $349 For The Entire 7 Nights!

Maui Banyan Resort

With the convenient, oceanside location, the ocean is never more than a few steps away. Enjoy walking the manicured grounds, under the shade of the banyan trees, swaying in the tropical breeze.

Play a set on the tennis court, take a cooling dip in one of the two swimming pools or relax in one of the soothing hot tubs. The grounds are right across the street from one of Maui's best white sand beaches...ideal for casual strolls, swimming and sunbathing.

Expedia Travelocity Hotels.com Premier Resorts Member Price
$1,225.00 $1,260.00 not Available Only $349!
Premier Members Save $926 OVER 76% SAVINGS! Premier Members Save $961 OVER 79% SAVINGS! Not Available UP TO 76% LESS THAN THE "LOWEST PRICE" MAJOR TRAVEL COMPANIES ON THE INTERNET!

Watch below to see what members Paul and Twila Gibson have to say!

Don't like this resort? The Dates don't work for you? No Worries...

Once you are a Member of Premier Resorts Travel Club, you will have full access to our exceptional Customer Service. Our Private Agents will assist you in finding the perfect vacation for you and your family! Full, hands-on Concierge Customer Service for our Members.

Remember, these folks work for you - not commissions.

They will never upsell you like a traditional travel agent might - hungry for commissions. They work for you and they know it!

You see, by making this offer to you via the internet we have...

  • no marketing costs
  • no sales commissions
  • no additional sales office
  • no product cost
  • no additional admin staff
  • no additional utilities

Click below for a short video tour INSIDE the members area:

By eliminating all the normal expenses, we are able to
pass the savings directly to you
so you can enjoy the benefits of luxury resort stays
at a fraction of what everyone else pays!!

"We love it"!!

We have saved thousands over the last 5 years by being members of this program! Last year we stayed at the Los Pyrmidies in Cancun Mexico and saved $2259 on our stay. To say this is worth the money is huge understatement.


Joe and Regina Melvee
Covington KY

The Bottom Line

Ok... ok..    I'm sure you're thinking "what's this going to cost me"?

I think you will be pleasantly surprised to find that it's...

NOT $12,000 to $35,000 that Timeshare costs,

NOR is it $3,000 to $8,000 that travel club memberships cost.

We could probably easily charge $1,995 to $2,995. However, during this beta test we are going to
let the first five hundred members in to our internet based test program for a mere $497 initally ... ($1)

Yes, you read it right... One Dollar!!!

Take it for a test drive for 14 days ( fourteen day trial!). Take a look around at the ton of inventory available to you at all times!! . (NO BLACK OUT TIMES)~!!

If after the fourteen days you would like to continue to have access to our aggressively priced contracted rates, it's only a mere $29.97 subscription per month to stay active thereafter.
Just a $29 dollar subscription to access SAVINGS IN THE THOUSANDS every time you travel!!!
(cancel anytime)*

No $350-$850 yearly maintainence fees like timeshare...

No $399-$599 annual dues like most travel clubs.

Just all the same benefits .. without the big dollars spent!

Watch below to see what our member Ms. Jacque Sorrano has to say!

Is there a guarantee?

How About This For A Guarantee!!

No Large Upfront Investment!!

This will be a VERY limited offer. Once we get to the first 500, 378, 237 members this offer will be withdrawn.
After that, the price will increase dramatically.

(probably up to at least $997 to $1,497 initially)
(and $47 per mo subscription)

"We saved a ton"!!

Morritt's Tortuga Club, Grand Cayman Island

Our trip to the Cayman Islands during Easter week, would not have been possible without the professional, hard working staff at Premier Resorts. We were reminded often by owners of the Morritt’s Tortuga Resort, that it is very difficult, if not almost impossible to be able to vacation that highly desirable week of the year.

During our stay at the Morritt’s Tortuga Resort, in addition to saving a bunch of money on our stay we were treated with the utmost respect and greeted by a very friendly, outgoing staff. The room was a beautifully maintained apartment with 2 nice bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 showers, 2 balconies, a winding staircase to the second floor, in addition to a full size kitchen complete with dishes, silverware and cooking utensils.  Our 10-year old son Jesse, was befriended by one of the pool bartenders named Ramsey. Ram, went out of his way to teach Jesse ping pong by poolside and allowed him to assist in some small bar-side tasks, to Jesse’s delight.

Fishing was an adventure during a half-day trip with Captain Herman. We caught enough fish for two nights of dinner. Captain Herman even came to our room and cooked the Grouper and Trigger fish for us in our fully stocked kitchen. What a treat to have our meal prepared before our eyes.

Rounding out our week away was a trip to the Turtle Farm, a must see, the Blow Hole, a natural experience and our walk through the Nature Preserve where we saw the Islands famed Blue Iguana.

Swimming in the Resort’.s infinity pool, Snorkeling in the crystal clear aqua Caribbean water, walking the beaches in the white sugar sand and feeling the Island breeze against your skin, makes this a one of a kind must see experience.

We recommend this program to everyone!

Julie and Jack Loshe
Marlton, New Jersey

If you have seen a Timeshare or Luxury Travel Club and liked the resorts,
but didn't purchase because of the large up-front investment involved..

But hurry.... at this price point the 500, 378, 237 beta test slots won't last long... Just click the button below and
claim your fourteen day test drive! ($1)

Get in NOW while we still have openings!!

Michael Colvard,
The Travel Insider

P.S. Act now... Once all 500, 378, 237 slots are filled, we will be removing this offer!

P.P.S. If you have been looking for a way to go to the luxury resorts but didn't want to have to spend all the money it costs for travel clubs or timshare, get in NOW!!
They may force me to take this site down soon...

*If you shoose to cancel, you will not be able to come back. This keeps people from jumping in just when they want to book a trip and then popping back out.
If everyone did that, we wouldn't be able to offer the rates that we offer. So to be fair, if you wish to stay a member you must remain an active member all year.
Otherwise, release the slot to someone who will activly enjoy the benefits.


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